Veterans Resource Center

Auburn University

Required Documents

Chapter 31, 33, 35, 1606

All students using a Federal VA Education benefit are required to submit the following documents to the VRC through the below submission links:

1. Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

2. Statement of Understanding

3. Student Info Sheet

4. Academic Advisor letter with Program’s Curriculum (Form will be completed at S.O.S or at your respective date for Camp War Eagle)

5. Dual Major Form (if applicable)

6. Notice of Basic Eligibility (only for CH1606 students)

***The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is generated and sent via mail to the service member or veteran after the benefit has been applied for. To apply, go to***

Choice Act

All non-resident students, who are now living in Alabama and using either Chapter 33 or Chapter 35 benefits, are required to submit the following paperwork to get their tuition switched to the resident rate.

1. Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

2. Proof of Domicile*


*Proof of Domicile may be one of the following: Utility Bill, Lease Agreement (must be under students’ name), Notarized Letter if living with family member, Students Dorm Room Assignment if living on campus, AL Driver’s License


All ANGEAP Applications MUST be received semesterly and NO LATER THAN than the below date for their respective semesterAll applications received after this date may not receive payment for the term due to state enacted deadlines.

Fall 2023: October 1, 2023

ANGEAP Application

Upload Here

Please submit the documentation to the following links:

VA Forms (for new students)

VA Forms (to update existing paperwork)

Choice ACT Forms


Last modified: November 1, 2023