Veterans Resource Center

Auburn University


The Auburn Warrior Orientation and Learning program (A.W.O.L.) is a veteran-specific orientation for incoming student veterans.

A.W.O.L. is not required and does not take the place of Camp War Eagle or S.O.S.. Instead, this program is simply an additional resource for incoming student veterans as it is designed to assist with the transition from military life to civilian and university life.

Here at the Auburn University Veterans Resource Center (VRC) we understand that navigating campus as an incoming student can be challenging. During this program, incoming student veterans will receive information about student life, from important building locations to the best places to eat. Incoming student veterans will also print off their schedules and a member of the Auburn Student Veteran Association (ASVA) will show them where his or her classes are. All of this is done to ensure that student veterans are not lost on their first day of class.

This half-day program will take place each semester during the first week classes. An informational email will be sent out to all student veterans during this time and those that RSVP will receive further information about dates, times, and locations.

You have served your country faithfully, now let us serve you!

Please click here to register for the next semester’s A.W.O.L. class.

Last modified: January 9, 2023