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Professional Flight Program


Auburn University’s Professional Flight program has been approved for Federal VA funding by the Alabama State Approving Agency (SAA). Information about the Professional Flight Program, including the Admissions Process, Learning Objectives, and Curriculum Model can be found here.

Please note: Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill® is the only Federal VA Education benefit that covers the required costs affiliated with this program. If you wish to use your Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill® while in the Professional Flight program, you are required to complete the Professional Flight Statement of Understanding and submit to the VRC.


Flight Fees:
The VA will only cover the cost of ground school fees and flight instruction fees that are required, listed, and approved by the Alabama State Approving Agency (SAA).

Flight lab courses have an associated flight fee established by the Department of Aviation prior to each academic year. The VA will only cover this amount as it is approved by the Alabama SAA. Flight fees cover aircraft, flight simulation, flight instructor, and FAA knowledge exams. Here are the approved amounts for both the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 Academic Year. Please note that some costs can vary depending on circumstances (see both the schedule adjustments and billing sections below).

Important: If a student requires additional training, such as proficiency training and/or review flights, it is the financial responsibility of the student to cover these costs as the VA does not provide payment for this type of training.


Flight Lab Course Schedule Adjustments:
In order to receive full payment from the VA towards flight costs, the student must start the flight lab within the first 5 days of the beginning of the term. If a student does not begin a flight lab during the first 5 days of the beginning of the term, the VA will send a prorated payment. Any renaming balance is the financial responsibility of the student.

Note: The Professional Flight Academic Advisor will not enroll a student in the next flight lab until the student had successfully completed the previous lab.

If a student finishes a flight lab in the middle of a term, the student must wait until the next term begins to start participating in the next flight lab in order for the VA to cover the affiliated costs.

Students cannot start flying a registered flight block until the term has begun (i.e.; If a student is registered for AVMF 2271 for Fall 2020, the student cannot begin flying for credit towards 2271 until the first day of the term). In this same situation, if the student begins flying AVMF 2271 before the first day of the registered term, the VA will not cover the affiliated costs.

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) will not include the 2 credit hours of a student’s flight lab in the original enrollment certification to the VA until the AU Department of Aviation has alerted the VRC that the student has begun the course. (i.e.; John Smith is enrolled in 12 credit hours for Fall 2020. 2 hours are a flight lab. John Smith be certified for 10 hours. When John begins his flight lab, the VRC will adjust John’s enrollment to reflect 12 hours.)

Important: This can impact a student’s monthly stipend.

Last modified: April 7, 2022